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Anti-corruption lessons to be integrated into the current national education curriculum

The Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption is working with the Curriculum Development Unit from the Ministry of Education to have anti-corruption lessons integrated into the current national education curriculum.

FICAC Spokesperson, Nandani Vandhana says that in the next five years FICAC has a lot of plans in place and one of which is focusing on young people between the ages 18-35 years.

She adds that the National Anti-Corruption Curriculum is set to be piloted in schools 2019.

Vandhana says the curriculum will be developed by FICAC in partnership with the Ministry of Education next year.

She says that FICAC also has plans in the pipeline for a venture with private sector institutions adding that the Commission is looking to have a Corporate integrity pledge

Vandhana says that with this the Commission is looking to sign with private sector institutions to hold companies liable to have anti-corruption policies.