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IIT Kanpur develops computer-based test portal to conduct JEE advance

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) has developed a computer-based test portal (CBT) to conduct the prestigious Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) (Advance).

“The system has cleared the mock test and is likely to be used during JEE Advance-2018, scheduled on May 20,” said professor Amit Misra, vice chairman, JEE.

Under the CBT (computer based testing) system, the question paper will be displayed on the computer screen and the candidates will have to put right mark in the block by using the mouse.

“The computer will automatically go off after three hours,” said Manindra Agarwal, IIT-K’s acting director and chairman JEE.

“The computerised test will also give candidate a choice to change their answer,” he said.

At present the JEE Advance test has a question paper with ‘block’ in front of every question.

The candidates have to put right mark in the ‘block’ which cannot be changed.

Over 2.24 lakh students who have cleared the JEE mains will be trained to use CBT system for JEE Advance at every IIT through mock tests.

“Candidates who do not have computers could practice on their smart phones,” Agarwal said.

The examination will start at 9 am and the computer screen will automatically show, “I am ready to begin.”

In case the candidates want to change their option, they will be able to do it using the mouse. In case of any terminal problem, the computer will stop and the watch at the computer screen will also automatically get stopped.

Later, the candidates will be given extra time as per the time loss shown by the computer watch, said Misra.

There would be three sections — mathematics, physics and chemistry — and each section will get closed after the completion of one section. Candidates could also revise the answer sheets.